March 2020

NGO Market 2020

Due to the current situation and with respect to the health of exhibitors and visitors, this year's NGO Market is moving to the autumn. We are currently intensively communicating with possible venues. The new date and venue of the fair will be published on our website and Facebook as soon as possible.

Democratic Solidarity conference in Brazil cancelled

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the conference "Democratic Solidarity in Latin America" and the public event "Social Protests in Latin America: Causes and Consequences" were cancelled. Other activities of Democratic Solidarity will continue as planned without any changes. 

Lucie Smolková: New member of the Program Council

We are proud to welcome Lucie Smolková, Student and Environmental Activist, to the Forum 2000 Program Council! Lucie Smolková focuses on encouraging a thoughtful public discussion about the climate change and environmental challenges and we are looking forward to cover these topics at the 24th Forum 2000 Conference!

Detention of Hong Kong Labour Party Vice-chairman Lee Cheuk-yan

Members of Working Group on the Global Influence of China and its Impact on Democracy issued a statement which strongly condemns the detention on February 28 of Hong Kong Labour Party Vice-Chairman Lee Cheuk-yan and former pro-democracy lawmaker Yeung Sum. The working group is functioning in the framework of the International Coalition for Democratic Renewal, one of the Forum 2000 Foundation projects. 

Homeschooling with Forum 2000!

Thecurrent situation, of course, does not diminish our overall interest in civil society! The fundamental topics of democracy and human rights cannot be left out of education and therefore, we have decided to create worksheets for Czech students who are currently being homeschooled. Czech versions for students 13+ and 15+ are available here.

Thank you for being part of our community. We wish you good health!

Team Forum 2000