Festival of Democracy 2018

Associated Program of the Forum 2000 Conference


Are you a high school student?
Take part in our video contest!

Make a video about what democracy and freedom mean to you. These values are the cornerstones of the Czech Republic; however, this is not the case in all countries. So, let the world know what democracy and freedom mean to you!

You can shoot the video alone or invite up to three of your friends to help you. We encourage you to let your creativity flow, play with the script, and maybe even add special effects.

Your video can only be 60 seconds long and can be shot on a mobile phone and edited it in a freeware app. All videos need to be in Czech.

Finished videos must be submitted by September 21, 2018 to dagmar.caspe@forum2000.cz.* 

Selected videos will be judged by an independent panel. The videos will also be used to discuss what democracy and freedom mean to young people. The discussion will be held at the beginning of October in Prague. If you and your team are interested, we would be happy to include you in the discussion.

All submitted videos may be used to promote this project on social networks, in print, in other media and during public screenings. 

Do you have any questions? Please write project coordinator Dagmar Caspe dagmar.caspe@forum2000.cz

We are looking forward to your submission!

#JáDemokracie project is supported by: 

  • Eva Josefíková - herečka
  • Do Thu Trang - autorka blogu Asijatka
  • Zuzana Vuová - pracovnice OSN v Keni
  • David Ulvr – delegát mládeže OSN
  • Andrea Procházková – studentka a novinářka, Respekt
  • Václav Strýček - spoluorganizátor výzvy #VyjdiVen
  • Jeremy J. Johnson - spoluorganizátor výzvy #VyjdiVen
  • Šárka Löffelmannová - Mladí občané
  • Martin Mikšík - předseda, Česká středoškolská unie
  • ​Johanna Nejedlová - spoluzakladatelka, Konsent


* In your email, please list your full name, age (of all the creative team members – max. 4) and also the high school where you attend. Name, age, school, and video submissions may be used to promote the #JáDemokracie project or other projects organized or co-organized by the Forum 2000 Foundation, and also to deliver your prize. If you (or a member of your team) are younger than 15, ask for parental consent to participate in this contest.