Effective Altruism

June 13, 2015
American Centre in Prague

Professor Singer, one of the leading philosophers of today, spoke about effective altruism. „Every single human being´s welfare is just as important as mine. Therefore, if I can improve their wellbeing significantly at a modest cost to myself, then that’s what I should be doing, “ said Professor Singer at the lecture.
In the first part of his lecture, professor Singer focused mainly on clearly defining the difference between an altruist and an effective altruist stressing out that „the main difference lies in the fact that an effective altruist is concerned not only with doing good but rather with doing the most good.“ He then elaborated on the fact that effective altruists prefer a more global perspective rather than confining themselves to the mere bounds of their surrounding community. Using a wide array of case studies, Professor Singer illustrated a number of situations in which effective altruism comes into play.
At the very end of his lecture, he answered several questions raised by the guests attending the lecture. The lecture at the American center was attended by over 40 guests.