Annual Conference of the Czech-German Discussion Forum: Energy Policy

November 3, 2012, Ostrava
Auditorium Gong, Lower Area of Vítkovice

On November 3, 2012, the Forum 2000 Foundation organized the Annual Conference of the Czech-German Discussion Forum on “Energy Policy”. The conference was financed by the Czech-German Future Fund with the support of the City of Ostrava.
Politicians, experts on energy, economy and ecology, as well as representatives of non-profit organizations from Germany and the Czech Republic in the course of three panels discussed developments in the production and use of energy in both countries.
In the first part of the conference speakers introduced the Czech and German energy policy concepts, their background and goals and critically evaluated the approach of the governments of both countries and how officials coordinate with one another in this area. The second panel focused on the values ​​and interests behind the two countries' energy policies and the process of setting energy policy as it relates to the various actors, planning periods, market developments, new technologies, election cycles and international context. In the third session, panelists reflected on the disputed areas of energy policy such as the development of nuclear energy or the overflow of renewable energy from Germany through the Czech transmission system in the context of Czech-German relations, as well as the background of the current developments in the European Union.