Annual Conference of the Czech-German Discussion Forum: „Do we really understand each other? Polycrisis and its solutions“

November 11, 2023, Prague

The annual Conference of the Czech-German Discussion Forum was held in Prague on November 11, 2023. The topic „Do we really understand each other? Polycrisis and its solutions” addressed the issues of communication between Czech and German societies and how problems can be overcome through proper communication. Invited personalities from the fields of civil society, economics, science, and politics discussed the challenges and opportunities for Central European cooperation in a time of polycrisis – energy policy, the effects of the war in Ukraine, cross-border cooperation, and how to communicate better and find effective solutions for the future.

The Annual Conference is organized by the Forum 2000 Foundation and Europäische Akademie Berlin, in cooperation with the Council of the Czech-German Discussion Forum and the Czech-German Future Fund.


Video greetings

Jan Lipavský, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Czechia

Anna Lührmann, Minister of State in the Foreign Office, Germany


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