Our Global Co-Existence

9th Forum 2000 Conference

Our Global Co-Existence

9th annual Forum 2000 Conference
October 9-10, 2005, Prague

The 9th annual Forum 2000 Conference with the theme "Our Global Co-Existence: Challenges and Hopes for the 21st Century" will take place on October 9-10, 2005 in Prague. The conference will examine the nature and meaning of the current conflicts preventing peaceful co-existence of the international community. The Opening Ceremony will take place on the evening of October 9 in the Prague Crossroads; the working part of the Conference will then move to the Žofín Palace. 

The main discussion items will be: 

  • Conflict or Co-Existence? Where do we go? 
  • Concepts of Co-Existence and Community 
  • Communicating between Communities: The Role of the Media in Conflict of Perceptions

A selection of photographs from the 9th Forum 2000 Conference

More photographs can be found in the Photogallery

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