3rd Forum 2000 International Award for Courage and Responsibility (2023)

About the Award

With the vision of recognizing extraordinary civic courage and actions that prioritize responsibility to the wider community, defense of democracy, and promotion of human rights and civil liberties over self-interest, the Forum 2000 Foundation established the International Award for Courage and Responsibility in 2021. The Award is given to citizens, or institutions selected in a three-stage process, involving the opinions of a rich variety of significant personalities of the Forum 2000 community.

About Vladimir Kara-Murza

Vladimir Kara-Murza is a politician, author, and historian. A longtime colleague of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, he was a candidate for the Russian Parliament and served as deputy leader of the People’s Freedom Party. Kara-Murza notably contributed to the introduction of targeted Magnitsky sanctions against Russian human rights violators. In April 2023, he received a 25-year sentence for "spreading disinformation" about the Russian military and condemning Russia's actions in Ukraine. This marked the longest sentence for political activity since the fall of the Soviet Union.

In recognition of his steadfast commitment to advocating truth and justice, he was awarded the International Forum 2000 Award for Courage and Responsibility during the 27th Forum 2000 Conference. In his fight for freedom, he lost his own, and his willingness to prioritize the responsibility towards the wider community over his personal needs makes him a truly deserving recipient of this award. Vladimir Kara-Murza's life exemplifies the profound truth embedded in Václav Havel's words “We may all realize, that he or she - regardless of how insignificant or powerless they may feel – is in a position to change the world.”

Due to Vladimir´s imprisonment, his wife, Yevgenia Kara-Murza received the award on his behalf.

Selection of photographs from the 3rd Forum 2000 International Award for Courage and Responsibility Ceremony