Rafael Rincón-Urdaneta Zerpa

Director of Strategy and Global Affairs, Fundación para El Progreso


Rafael Rincón-Urdaneta Zerpa is the Director of Strategy and Global Affairs at Fundación para el Progreso, one of the most influential pro-free society think tanks in Chile and Latin America. His main areas of work are trends, strategy, leadership, and diplomacy. Mr. Rincón focuses on the technological revolution, Islamic terrorism, counter-terrorism, and Middle Eastern affairs. Mr. Rincón is also a Chilean commercial engineer, opinion columnist and consultant. In recent years, Mr. Rincón has been working with the Czech community, promoting Czech culture in Chile and is the founder of the Václav Havel Project at Fundación para El Progreso. Mr. Rincón has a master’s degree in International Relations and a Ph.D. in American Studies.