Per Nyholm

Writer, Commentator, Columnist, Jyllands-Posten


Per Nyholm is a journalist in one of Denmark’s leading newspapers, Jyllands-Posten. In this role, Mr. Nyholm covered as an abroad correspondent the collapse of Communism in East and Central Europe in 1989, including the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Velvet Revolution in Prague and the Christmas uprising in Bucharest, as well as the dissolution of Yugoslavia in the years after. In 2013, Mr. Nyholm joined a Committee of Artists and Intellectuals under the European Commission, but one year later, decided to leave. Mr. Nyhom is also the author of four books: Denmark, The Europeans, a Journey in the Memory of a Continent, The Sea, The City, The Mountains and In The Alley of Blindness, Notes from a Winter Journey in Cuba.