Mikuláš Minář

Chairman, Milion Moments for Democracy


Mikuláš Minář recently announced his entry into politics and the establishment of a new political movement. He was an activist and chairman of the Million Moments for Democracy since January 2018. Mr. Minář began his civic engagement with the release of “Chvilka pro Andreje” on November 17, 2017. It was a petition in which he demanded that the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic fulfills his prerequisites, especially the development and support of democracy. Mr. Minář organized demonstrations against the appointment of Marie Benešová as the Minister of Justice or later for the resignation of her and the Prime Minister. The demonstrations took place in Prague and other cities of the Czech Republic in April, May and June 2019. Another major demonstration against the current state of politics took place in November 2019. The last demonstration so far took place in June 2020.