Manuel Cuesta Morúa

Activist, Founder, Progressive Arch


Manuel Cuesta Morúa is the founder and head of the Progressive Arch political group, which brings together Cuban and foreign social democratic organizations. Mr. Morúa has been a member of the Cuban opposition for over 20 years. In 2016, Mr. Morúa was awarded the Ion Ratiu Democracy Award by the Woodrow Wilson Center. Along with other organizations and citizens, Mr. Morúa coordinated Plataforma Nuevo País, a plural citizen-based alternative that seeks to reform the Cuban political model. Mr. Morúa is also a member of the Citizens Committee for Racial Integration (CIR) and has led the Violencia Cero project. In 1998, Mr. Morúa co-founded the Reflection Roundtable of the Moderate Opposition (MROM). He graduated with a History degree from Universidad de la Habana in 1986.