Ketevan Chachava

Executive Director, Center for Development and Democracy


Ketevan Chachava is the executive director & founder of the Center for Development and Democracy (CDD). She is a founder & Chairperson of the Sector 3 – Hub for Development. Ms. Chachava has been elected as a steering committee member of the World Movement for Democracy in 2019. In 2016-2017, she served as the Director of the Information Center on NATO and EU. She also served as a member of various committees, working groups and expert groups at the Council of Europe (CoE), the European Youth Forum (EYF) and the European Students’ Union (ESU). Ms. Chachava is a PhD candidate in Political Science and a John Smith Trust Fellow (UK). She is also an alumna of the Open World Program and the Future Leaders Exchange Program (US State Department Programs).

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