José Antequera Guzmán - OLD

Lawyer, Activist, Columnist


Mr. Guzmán is a political activist and founder of the H.I.J.O.S organization in Colombia, which gathers people whose parents have been victims of political violence in several countries of Latin America. He is a member of the team which created the Centre for Memory, Peace, and Reconciliation in Bogotá. He was an active participant in the peace dialogues between the Colombian government and the FARC-EP guerrillas and one of the leaders of the mobilization, #PazALaCalle (Peace to the streets). In 2016, he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, alongside President Juan Manuel Santos, and the Commander of the FARC-EP, Timoleón Jimenez. Writer and columnist, as well as TV and radio presenter, Mr. Guzmán is currently following up the processes of implementation of the peace accords through various projects in order to bring about real opportunities for change in Colombia.