Webinar: Border Closures As a New Normal? What Has the Pandemic Taught Us?

June 11, 2020

Christoph Israng, German Ambassador to the Czech Republic, Jolanta Szymanska, Polish Institute of International Affairs, and Gerald Schubert, journalist of Austrian Der Standard took part in the online panel discussion moderated by Kai-Olaf Lang, Senior Fellow in Institute for International and Security Affairs in Berlin.

According to our speakers, we have experienced pandemic in three phases – first were the steps on the unilateral level accompanied by the rapid national closures, followed by the attempts to soften restrictions using standardized criteria and more coordinated approach between countries. We have to accept that the travel checks may stay in place for longer time as a permanent measure. The pandemic showed us that the open border regime cannot be taken for granted - and we should be aware of such privilege in the future.

You can watch the full recording of live stream here.