The International Coalition for Democratic Renewal is deeply concerned about the recent anti-democratic actions in Tunisia

October 18, 2021

The International Coalition for Democratic Renewal (ICDR) expresses deep concern over the recent anti-democratic actions and decisions of President Kais Saied of Tunisia and resolves that:

1. Tunisia should restore the democratic process, re-open the parliament, and respect the laws and constitution of the country, which do not allow the president to dissolve the parliament or to rewrite the constitution.

2. The National Dialogue should be resumed to reform the political system, the electoral laws, the various laws and institutions on fighting corruption, and – if it chooses to do so democratically - to amend the constitution within the limits, boundaries and processes set forth in the laws and constitution of Tunisia, and through a respectful national dialogue that includes all major political parties and civil society organizations.

3. The Tunisian army should return to its barracks and stay out of politics, as it has always done for the past 65 years, and not take sides or get involved in this political crisis, which can only be solved through political dialogue and negotiation.

On July 25, President Saied took a unilateral decision to “temporarily” close the elected parliament, shut down the government, and appoint himself as “chief prosecutor.” This action was supported by the Tunisian military which moved quickly to shut down the parliament and the main offices of the government.  On Aug. 23, President Saied announced an “indefinite extension” to this “exceptional period,” in which he can rule by decree in violation of the Tunisian constitution and the values and principles of democracy. The international community has a vital role to play in helping Tunisia’s democrats, therefore, the ICDR calls on world’s democracies including the United States and the European Union and its member states, to insist that the Tunisian government end this “exceptional” detour.

International Coalition for Democratic Renewal (ICDR or Coalition) is a Forum 2000 Foundation project, which brings together a global group of intellectuals, activists and politicians concerned with the expansion of power and influence of authoritarian regimes and the simultaneous weakening of democratic systems from within. The ICDR aims to reaffirm the fundamental principles of democracy, to take the offensive against the authoritarian opponents of democracy, and to demonstrate solidarity with the brave people who are fighting for freedom in undemocratic systems around the world.