The European Union should behave as a single entity with a significant role on the world stage

May 27, 2024

On May 13, the Forum 2000 Foundation and DEMAS, an association of Czech NGOs focused on promoting democracy, human rights, civil society, rule of law and good governance abroad, organized a debate with candidates for the European Parliament in Prague's Václav Havel Library, which focused on the role of the European Union in the world. The aim of this public discussion was to present the candidates' views on what role the EU should play in the future in an increasingly complicated world, how it can help strengthen democracy and respect for human rights, what the current situation is and what should change.

During the debate, the candidates agreed on the importance of continued and deepening integration. Increasing pressure from all sides of the world means that we have to rely on ourselves. This will only be possible if the European Union behaves as a single entity with a significant role on the world stage. Most candidates also agreed that the veto power slows down the decision-making process and prevents the EU from taking bold steps in foreign policy. The debate also touched on issues such as the environment and migration. Speakers warned of a coming migration crisis of several times greater proportions if the climate crisis is not properly managed. There were divergent views on the Green Deal, with some candidates arguing for the unsustainability of the current model and the potential economic downturn if the Green Deal or similar initiatives were not approved.

An invitation to the discussion was accepted by:

  • Jan Farský (Starostové a osobnosti pro Evropu)
  • Pavel Havlíček (Koalice SPOLU)
  • Jaroslav Knot (ANO 2011)
  • Marcel Kolaja (Česká pirátská strana)
  • Johanna Nejedlová (Strana zelených)

The discussion moderator was Sabina Malcová (Executive Director, DEMAS).