The Coalition calls for International Solidarity with the People of Belarus

November 10, 2020

„Belarus is a nation reborn, and the Lukashenka dictatorship must give way to democracy” states the appeal signed by dozens of personalities from the international intellectual community including Agnieszka Holland, Mario Vargas Llosa and Alina Mungiu-Pippidi.

Belarusian authorities have systematically repressed human rights and democracy for over a quarter century, while representatives of the opposition, civil society and media in the country have been regularly arrested or otherwise persecuted. This repression escalated in response to the protests that erupted after the deeply flawed presidential election of August 9, 2020, when thousands of citizens were detained, hundreds were injured or tortured in state custody, and several were killed.

The Coalition urges the international community of democratic nations, including the United Nations and the European Union, to support the people of Belarus by following 13 specific recommendations. Among the recommendations are for example denial of recognition of the official results of the election held in Belarus on August 9 the denial of recognition of Alexander Lukashenka as the legitimate president of Belarus, and the holding of new, transparent presidential elections in Belarus that would meet democratic standards. The Coalition also urges the provision of active support to Belarusian civil society, independent media, civic and labor activists, and human rights defenders.

International Coalition for Democratic Renewal (ICDR or Coalition) is a Forum 2000 Foundation project, which brings together a global group of intellectuals, activists and politicians concerned with the expansion of power and influence of authoritarian regimes and the simultaneous weakening of democratic systems from within. The ICDR aims to reaffirm the fundamental principles of democracy, to take the offensive against the authoritarian opponents of democracy, and to demonstrate solidarity with the brave people who are fighting for freedom in undemocratic systems around the world.