Technology and democracy: Is it a match?

February 8, 2021

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The realm of technology is increasingly turning into a strategic competition between democracy and authoritarianism. Seemingly, powers like China and Russia are getting ahead in this race while democracies have been responding more slowly. Is this so? If yes, what are the reasons? Rather than seeing the downside of technology, should we, in the free world, view technology as a tool through which to spread our values and norms? 

The online debate takes place on February 16, 4 PM CET. The event is organized in cooperation with the British Embassy in the Czech Republic. 


  • Vitaliy Moroz, Head, New Media, Internews, Ukraine 
  • Sascha Hannig, Researcher, Fundación Para el Progreso, Chile 
  • Petra Moravcová, User Experience and Marketing, Avast Software, Czechia 
  • Nick Anstead, Associate Professor, Media and Communications, London School of Economics, UK 

The event will be moderated Filip Rožánek, Editor-in-Chief, DigiZone, Czechia 

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