Prague Panel Discussion of the Czech-German Discussion Forum

July 30, 2016

The Czech-German Discussion Forum continued with the dialogue about the foreign policies of Czechia and Germany as partners in the European Union. The roundtable “Common Paths for the Czech Republic and Germany in the Ukrainian Crisis” focused the discussions on what can Czech Republic and Germany do together to encourage the reform process in Ukraine.

The discussion brought together Yevhen Hlibovytsky from Nestor Group in Ukraine,  Rostislav Valvoda from the Prague Civil Society Centre, and Gert Weisskirchen, former Member of the German Bundestag. Libor Rouček, Chairman of the Czech-German Discussion Forum moderated the discussion. 

The Prague Panel Discussion of the Czech-German Discussion Forum is organized by the Forum 2000 Foundation and the Czech-German Fund for the Future in a framework of long-term cooperation on projects that support Czech-German relations. As a Czech partner of the Czech-German Discussion Forum, the Forum 2000 Foundation helps to create and organize projects that develop an open dialogue between Czechs and Germans, fostering mutual cooperation and understanding.