Policy Paper: From Democracy Summit to Global Democratic Agenda?

November 23, 2021

The decision of the US administration to hold a Summit for Democracy has enlivened debates about international democracy support. A virtual summit in December 2021 will lead to a year of follow-up initiatives and then an in-person summit in late 2022.  This policy brief focuses on one very specific element: the question of how a meaningful participation of Asian, African, and Latin American democracies can best be encouraged and ensured. The paper offers 5 ideas for maximizing their future involvement.  A key question is whether democratic countries other than the US will engage fully with the process.  


Richard Youngs (United Kingdom), Maiko Ichihara (Japan), Sook-Jong Lee (South Korea), Fonteh Akum (South Africa), Constantino Xavier (India), and Patricio Navia (Chile). 

Policy Paper. From Democracy Summit to Global Democratic Agenda?