One year after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

February 24, 2023

February 24th marks the first year of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine. From the beginning, Forum 2000 has strongly condemned this unjustifiable war of aggression against an independent democratic state by Vladimir Putin's regime, an action that represents a crime against humanity and a new chapter in the struggle between autocracy and democracy, which requires the strongest possible response of the international community. Our Foundation has also firmly supported the Ukrainian people in such difficult times. At Forum 2000 we work towards a democratic future of freedom, peace, and prosperity for Ukraine.

Over the past twelve months, great effort has been made to support the Ukrainians, condemn the aggression, analyze its impact and its consequences, and search for ways to build a strong global democratic alliance to stand up to authoritarianism. Here we present a summary that will allow you to reflect, review ideas and approaches, and relive important moments in our in-person and online meetings.

We stand with Ukraine.

26th Forum 2000 Conference and Forum for Ukraine


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