Forum 2000 Conference will focus on the current challenges faced by democracy

March 28, 2024

The 28th edition of the annual Forum 2000 international conference will take place on 13-15 October 2024 in the Prague Congress Centre. Traditionally, this event is attended by a number of important world intellectuals, politicians, and human rights activists, as well as analysts, scholars, and civil society representatives. In dozens of discussions and workshops, conference participants will focus on the current challenges faced by democracy and the search for ways to strengthen mutual cooperation as effectively as possible. The discussions will reflect on contemporary events in Africa or Latin America, the ongoing conflicts, the impact of the this year’s uprecedented series of elections and many more challenging developments. Space will also be given to the future of the Western Balkans region, important initiatives to support political prisoners, or the increasingly topical relationship between technology and democratic governance. The third year of the “Forum for Ukraine” will focus on the future political developments and the role of civil society in a country that has been plagued by Russian aggression. Please visit the photogallery or watch video recordings from last year‘s discussions.