Andrew Wilson #Forum2000online

October 1, 2020

Business is now facing a dual responsibility. It is helping restore social health to support governments but it also has to provide people livelihoods – and it is trying to find the balance between the two. The private sector in western states in particular has a stake in maintaining the liberal democratic order. There is a real competition going forth, especially in emerging markets, for whose values and whose business models are going to win out. And we have seen in the last two or three years a very aggressive push by authoritarian states and only recently are we starting to see liberal democratic states start to realize that the competitive model is potentially going to work against them and now they are starting to organize. But that requires that the private sector and the public sector in liberal democracies start to have a dialogue about how to advance those values, says Andrew Wilson, Executive Director of the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) in Washington, D.C.


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