A Critical Update of Democracy

Forum 2000 Conference program is available on our web. Hundreds of experts will discuss challenges to democracy – populism, the rise of China, or the role artificial intelligence in the information space.

Conference Videostreaming

The registration for the 22nd Forum 2000 Conference is now closed. We have reached full capacity. Thank you for the interest to attend, we invite you to watch our live videostreaming!

The Festival Day, October 6, 2018

Come join us for the Festival day, the open-air program of the Festival of Democracy, the associated program of the Forum 2000 Conference. Join us on October 6 at 11:00!

Democracies Donˈt Need to Panic

Worldwide, we are experiencing a decline in democracy. However the change is not dramatic … yet. Find out more in the following article by Joshua Muravchik.

Vulnerabilities of Post-Cold War Democracy

„The essence of democracy is creation of equal opportunities so the creative potential of each person would be realized“, writes Azeri dissident Leyla Alieva in her article for Forum 2000.