JUNE 2021

25th Forum 2000 Conference

The 25th Forum 2000 Conference will take place on October 10-12. The title is „What now: Building back democratically“, and the main themes to address will be the global cooperation of democracies, the contest between authoritarianism and democracy in the digital realm, the renewal of democracy via active citizenship. We are looking forward to your participation this fall!

Konstantin von Eggert: Elections mean nothing in Russia

“Putin never lets other partner’s weakness pass by unused,” comments Konstantin von Eggert for #Forum2000online Chat, as he explains Putin’s behavior in the international arena. Konstantin is an independent journalist contributing to Deutsche Welle and TV Rain, and the leading expert on current Russia.

Didi Kirsten Tatlow: On China´s global tech dominance

“The first level of encryption in China is the Chinese language,” said Didi Kirsten Tatlow in our #Forum2000online Chat. She spoke about how China has been working to establish global technological dominance and what should be the response of democratic states.

Visit of Svjatlana Tsikhanouskaya to Prague

The leader of the Belarusian opposition visited the Czech Republic on June 6, 2021. On this occasion, she joined a discussion titled “Czech Republic, EU, and Belarus: What next?” organized by Forum 2000. Together with Mikuláš Peksa and Aleš Chmelař, she discussed how the EU and the Czech Republic can support the democratization of Belarus.