Annual Conference of the Czech-German Discussion Forum: “Czechia and Germany: What Connects Us and How We Link in the Post-Pandemic Europe”

November 13th, 2021, Brno

On November 13th, 2021, the Forum 2000 Foundation together with the Europäische Akademie Berlin and the Council of the CGDF organized the Annual Conference of the Czech-German Discussion Forum under the theme of “Czechia and Germany: What Connects Us and How We Link in the Post-Pandemic Europe”. Discussions reflected the ongoing dialogue about the future of Europe and looked also for concrete answers about the role of the EU in the world, green deal, energy transformation, technological changes, and digitalization.

The Annual Conference is financed by the Czech-German Future Fund. 


Program in Czech
Program in German

Press releases

Press release in Czech
Press release in German


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