Forum 2000 Personalities

“Forum 2000 presents its utility as a place for reflections about the globalization process.“

Jacques Chirac President of France, 2004

“We apppreciate Václav Havel‘s initiative in bringing together such an important group of experts to discuss such a wide range of issues.“

Hilary BennSecretary of State for International Development

“The insights achieved by the Forum will, I am certain, be of great value to the work of the international community in tackling these issues.”

Romano ProdiPresident of the European Commision

“I would like to thank President Havel and the Czech Republic for inviting me and for giving us in Zimbabwe and other countries, the courage to keep going.”

Trudy StevensonOpposition Leader, Zimbabwe

“Your effort to bring together people and nations around questions and challenges of global importance.“

Luiz Inácio Lula da SilvaPresident, Federal Republic of Brasil

“Today it is very necessary to have a GLOBAL debate on the future of our civilization. Your Forum 2000 Conferences are in my view an essential part of this discussion.”

Wolfgang SchüsselAustria´s federal Chancellor

“… people, that meet under the umbrella of the Forum 2000 attempt to cross boundaries of profession, geographic location and religion.“

Václav HavelFormer President of the Czech Republic

“I would like to thank my friend who always stands in solidarity with me, President Václav Havel, for his invitation to this important meeting.”

Oswaldo Paya SardinasDissident, Cuba

„Forum 2000 has become a very good place for meetings, where it is possible to reach a consensus.”

Frederik Willem de KlerkFormer President of South Africa

"I'm glad I was able to be part of it."

Bill Clinton former President of the USA

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