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NGO Market

12th Annual Non-profit Fair
April 29, 2011, National Technical Library, Prague

More than 150 non-profit organizations presented their activities to the public at the 12th annual NGO Market, which took place on Friday, April 29, 2011 in the National Technical Library in Prague. Visitors had the opportunity to discover the diverse activities of non-profit organizations and to learn about all the possible ways of getting involved in their projects, either as clients, volunteers or donors. A change for this fair was the expansion of associated events for the public. The fair put special emphasis on volunteering and its possibilities under the motto “Do something for yourself!”
You can watch a video spot for the 2011 NGO Market with Boris Hybner, patron of the fair, here.

A short documentary about the fair can be found here.

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NGO Market for Visitors

The NGO Market is designed for the general public. It addresses students and young people who are interested in actively helping in the non-profit sector, as well as mothers, who can find activities for their children, as well as for themselves. It also focuses on unemployed people and encourages an active and valuable use of free time. The fair offers the chance to learn about how to become involved in the non-profit sector – from youth to seniors. Visitors of all ages can also learn about how mutually beneficial volunteer work with non-profit organizations can be. A special program is prepared for schools. Entry is free of charge. 

Exhibiting Organizations

A wide range of interests from the diverse non-profit sector were represented at the fair. Visitors increased their knowledge about human rights and problems affecting Third World countries; protecting fauna and the environment; leisure-time activities for children and seniors; aiding the impoverished and handicapped, as well as about many other issues that affect our society. Not only Czech NGOs were represented; several foreign NGOs were at the fair as well. Information booths were complemented by stands offering fair-trade and sheltered workshop products.


The year 2011 is the European Year of Volunteering, which was also the main theme of the 2011 NGO Market. The fair showed visitors a wide range of opportunities of how to help and become a volunteer. Many people were surprised at how many different types of volunteer work exist – that one can help regularly, sometimes, a lot, in a group, in the outdoors or from the comfort of one’s home. They found out how they could help and which organization was the best fit for them!

Associated Events

As in the past, the fair also offered associated events such as discussions, workshops, lectures and other activities ranging from a children’s corner, creative workshops and exotic food tastings to a cultural program on stage. There were also a number of specialized workshops intended especially for those working in the non-profit sector, dealing with issues such as effective PR, fundraising and volunteer management.

Patrons of the Fair 

The patronage of the fair was assumed by Václav Havel and Aleksandra Udženija, Councilor of Prague. The patrons of the 2011 NGO Market were the singer Tonya Graves and the actor Boris Hybner, who are both engaged in volunteering on a long-term basis. Their stories prove that there are many ways to help and that each person can find their own fit.

Information for NGOs

Participation at the NGO Market was free of charge. The number of places was limited and registration reached its capacity in only six days.

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Official photographer of the 2011 NGO Market was Marc Bader.

We would like to thank the following volunteers who devoted their free time and energy to the 2011 NGO Market

Barbora Adlerová, Berenika Bořecká, Irena Boušová, Maxim Byelikov, Lenka Čavojská, Veronika Dokulilová, Barbora Goláňová, Radka Hájková, Jana Hrčková, Jan Chalupný, Marina Isaacson, Veronika Jírová, Tomáš Kopečný, Petra Malinová, Zuzana Mjartanová, Leora Moreno, Jitka Nováková, Hana Novotná, Andrea Ondrušková, Ester Pěkná, Hana Potucká, Jan Potucký, Eva Sladičeková, Anežka Svobodová, Martin Švorc, Radka Tomečková, Veronika Vanišová, Soňa Vedralová, Klára Vraštilová, Maryia Yankouskaya, Lea Zahradníková, Jana Zapletalová


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