„Forum 2000 has become a very good place for meetings, where it is possible to reach a consensus.”
Frederik Willem de Klerk, Former President of South Africa, 2003
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14th Annual Forum 2000 Conference
“The World We Want to Live In”

October 10–12, 2010, Prague


Held traditionally under the auspices of Václav Havel, the fourteenth annual Forum 2000 Conference took place in Prague on October 10–12, 2010. Nearly 100 global leaders from business, politics, academia, religion and civil society participated in discussions and debates on key issues facing our civilization.



The 14th conference was based on the notion that where we happen to exist affects how we live and who we are. The environment, which is ours and will be passed on to generations to come, is in decline. It suffers due to climate change, the effects of globalization and overpopulation, chaotic urbanization, wasted natural resources, and expanded transport systems.
The conference “The World We Want to Live In” focused on ways to positively influence the environment and open a debate about our responsibility for the state of the world. Conference participants searched for new and less ruthless strategies of growth and sought to find a balance between spiritual and material values.

The conference program can be found here.



Global leaders participating in the conference included Václav Havel, Former President, Czech Republic; Shirin Ebadi, Lawyer, Human Rights Activist, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Iran; Fareed Zakaria, Editor-at-Large, Time Magazine, USA; Zygmunt Bauman, Sociologist, United Kingdom/Poland; Peter Eigen, Founder, Transparency International, Germany; José Luis García Paneque, Surgeon, Independent Journalist, Cuba; Misha Glenny, Journalist, United Kingdom; Gilles Kepel, Sociologist, Sciences Po, France; Fumihiko Maki, Architect, Japan; George Monbiot, Author and Columnist, The Guardian, United Kingdom; Beatrice Mtetwa, Lawyer, Human Rights Advocate, Zimbabwe; Willem Jan Neutelings, Architect, The Netherlands; Olusegun Obasanjo, Former President, Nigeria; Juhani Pallasmaa, Architect, Finland; Yohei Sasakawa, Chairman, The Nippon Foundation, Japan; Gesine Schwan, Politician, President, Humboldt-Viadrina School of Governance, Germany; Roger Scruton, Philosopher and Political Scientist, United Kingdom; Richard Sennett, Sociologist, London School of Economics, New York University, United Kingdom/USA; Salil Shetty, Secretary General, Amnesty International, United Kingdom/India; Paul Wolfowitz, Former President, World Bank, USA.

A full list of participants including their profiles can be found here.



Over 3,500 observers attended the various events that comprised the 3 day Forum 2000 Conference. These observers included representatives from government, civil society, academia and business.

The conference was open to the public and you could also watch the conference live on our website in the section Web TV. The video recordings from these discussions are available there.

Conference Outputs

The most significant output from the Forum 2000 Conference is the Conference Report which includes transcripts of the majority of the discussions and speeches taking part during the conference. More information about the report and its electronic version can be found here. All transcripts, some of which are not included in the report, are available on this website.

Outputs from the Forum 2000 Conference published on our website include video recordings from the main panel discussions and other events and summaries of more than twenty discussions, which briefly present the most interesting and important thoughts expressed during the debates. You can also find here the text of the speech given by Václav Havel at the opening of the conference, press releases from the conference, as well as selected articles and interviews with delegates published in the media. The photographs from the entire conference are posted here as well.


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