“I love the Forum and I hate the Forum. I love it because it is one place where I can just listen and learn, and hate it because it is always over and then the listening stops."
James Zogby, Founder and President of the Arab American Institute, 2007
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Doris Donnelly

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Director, Cardinal Suenens Center, John Carroll University


Professor of Theology at John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio, where she directs the Cardinal Suenens Center for Theology and Church Life. The Center was established and funded by Mrs. J. Peter Grace of New York City and it exists to serve the unfinished agenda of the Second Vatican Council (1962–1965). It has sponsored local and international conferences on interreligious dialogue, leadership of the laity, collaborative leadership, and the affective, intellectual, and spiritual formation of clergy. Professor Donnelly has served as President of Pax Christi, the international Catholic peace movement and also as President of the North American Academy of Liturgy, an ecumenical association of liturgical scholars. Professor Donnelly is the author of several books and many articles.


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